Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes’ three dimensional painted reliefs have baffled his audiences for over 50 years, demonstrating how deceptive appearances can be. Hughes’ name has been synonymous with rainbow paintings since the 1970s.

The Rainbosceros, known by some as the Rhinebow, is a unique creature who brings joy wherever he appears. He carries on his broad back Hope and Optimism and all the colours of the spectrum of visible light to illuminate the importance of our rich natural life in our beautiful planet. Long may he roam.

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The Rainbosceros

Image Credit: Hugh Kelly

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Rhino Location: Covent Garden – South
Western entrance to South Hall.  LHS of info point. Next to shop Il Papiro

What3Words: ///guises.pinch.kicked
Postcode: WC2E 8RB
Google Map:

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