Nick Gentry

Drawing upon recycled and obsolete technological materials as the grounds for his paintings, London-based artist Nicholas Gentry creates a conversation between digital and analogue processes. Gentry constructs his painting supports out of materials such as compact disks, film negatives, X-rays, VHS cassettes and floppy disks. These are displayed as preserved artefacts or conversely as nebulous blends of deconstructed data dust.

The materials are contributed directly by members of the public in a collaborative ‘social art’ project. The rigorous conceptual basis of this work explores the notion of collective identity. His portraits and installations treat the human form not simply as the subject in itself, but as the vehicle to carry the medium.

“The rapid expansion of the human population is having a devastating impact on the natural world. Let’s empower ourselves to instead live as one, with respect and empathy for all life. This artwork has been created with data scraped from over 500 used compact disks, which have been contributed by members of the public.”

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Rhino Location: St Pancras Concourse HS1
Lower Level

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