Nancy Fouts

Combining Surrealism, Dada and Pop Art, Nancy Fouts’ work brings together seemingly disconnected objects and ideas to revel in the inherent strangeness of the everyday. Fouts changes the way the viewer perceives everyday life. The juxtaposition between shock and naivety tilts the original meaning of the object used on its head to such an extent that its original meaning becomes obsolete and a new significance is established.

Fouts’ sculpted reinterpretations of inanimate objects and animals alike have a knack for sending the mind of her audience on a wild roller-coaster ride of curiosity and intrigue.

Her sculptures are designed on paradox and juxtaposition: on expectation of the unexpected.

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Image Credit: Tim Whitby for Getty

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Rhino Location: South Kensington Tube Station
On pedestrian section

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Postcode: SW7 2NB
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