Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern lives by design. As Chief Design Officer for Land Rover and a board member of Jaguar Land Rover, he is convinced of the ability of design to transform business while enriching people’s lives.

“I wanted to celebrate the magnificence of this unique beast, so my rhino is covered in a chrome finish. The idea being that because of the highly reflective nature of chrome it will be seen from a long distance, consequently creating awareness of the plight of this animal in Africa. The red painted horn signifies the absurdity of this beautiful creature being hunted for such a small part of its overall being. “Long live the rhino”

“Traditionally chrome has been used on vehicles to communicate prestige. Land Rover design has developed an innovative and sustainable process to create a modern interpretation of chrome using a paint coating we call spray chrome.“

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Image Credit: Hugh Kelly

Generously sponsored by Land Rover

DOWNLOAD the Tusk Rhino Trail Map here to see where to find more Rhinos

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Land Rover has supported Tusk for more than a decade, acting as principal vehicle used by the charity’s project managers for much of their conservation work. Tusk’s work reflects the ethos that sits at the heart of the Land Rover brand; going Above and Beyond. In April 2017, Land Rover entered a three year formal partnership with Tusk. It is currently scoping opportunities to support its field work – utilising its technology, innovation, skills and funding to contribute to the impressive scope of Tusk’s work throughout the African continent.


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This Rhino has been temporarly moved to:

Rhino Location: St Martins in the Field
Outside the Crypt Café | Opposite National Portrait Museum

What3Words: ///discouraged.slip.zooms
Postcode: WC2N 4JJ
Google Map:

View the Tusk Rhino Trail Google map online to discover more rhinos!
Or … Download PDF of the Tusk Rhino Trail map by what3words.