Gavin Turk

Gavin Turk is a contemporary sculptor known for his ironic approach towards issues of authorship in art. Often employing everyday objects or manufactured items, his works deal with issues of identity, especially those pertaining to an artist’s name and signature.

Gavin Turk’s statue of a rhino painted to look bronze is an ironic twist on the artists tromp l’oeul painted bronze found objects (often worthless items discarded from our consumer culture).

This statue of a nearly extinct mammal holds echoes of museum or religious statues of mythical beasts or, as the title suggests – martyred saints.

The extremities, in particular the legendary horn has been rubbed to a gleaming shine like the foot of st Peter at the Vatican. But the reverence for this particular protuberant relic is tragically contributing to the demise of this statuesque symbol of loss in the anthropocene age.

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St Sebastian

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Rhino Location: St Martins in the Field
Outside the Crypt Café | Opposite National Portrait Museum

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