David Yarrow

David Yarrow is a fine-art photographer, conservationist and author. Philanthropy and conservation are central to his passion to document the animal and human world in a fresh and creative way.

“It’s seemed to me from the outset that this rhino’s body should be a stage for all endangered species. That’s what the rhino would want. Rhinos have no issues with any mammal other than humans! How shameful is that!”


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The Untouchables

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DOWNLOAD the Tusk Rhino Trail Map here to see where to find more Rhinos

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Genesis Imaging are in the unique position of providing a comprehensive range of photographic printing, mounting and framing services to transform images into museum-quality showpieces.  We are proud to support the Tusk Rhino Trail and the production of the rhinos adorned with artwork by David Yarrow and The Chapman Brothers.

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Rhino Location: Carnaby Street
Junction with Broadwick St pedestrian section near info panel

What3Words: ///asking.decide.depend
Postcode: SW3 4LY
Google Map: goo.gl/maps/sJfmGSqfWbx

View the Tusk Rhino Trail Google map online to discover more rhinos!
Or … Download PDF of the Tusk Rhino Trail map by what3words.