Dave White

Dave White is a contemporary British artist who dedicates his work to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues. He pioneered the ‘Sneaker Art’ movement in 2002, with the execution of pop art inspired sneaker oil portraits, leading to long-term collaborations with Nike and Brand Jordan.

“Reflecting a realistic vision from a distance, with an abstraction of expressive paint marks upon closer viewing, my work represents the fragile balance of order and chaos in the natural world and the impact that we are having on our environment. I hope that by inspiring generations of all ages with this project, it will be one small positive step to support Tusk in their vital work protecting endangered species. “



Image Credit: Hugh Kelly

Generously sponsored by Forevermark

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Respect for nature is deeply ingrained in the Forevermark philosophy. Forevermark, as part of the De Beers Group is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, habitats and wildlife along The Diamond Route, a series of rich and diverse sites, covering around 200,000 hectares throughout southern Africa. Active in rhino conservation since the 1970s, supporting partners in shared conservation efforts is key for De Beers Group and Forevermark. Through its partnership with Tusk, Forevermark is committed to raising awareness of this important issue and to supporting the protection of rhino habitats and species for future generations.

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Rhino Location: 1 New Bond Street
Outside Ralph Lauren Store

What3Words: ///pigs.edits.test
Postcode: W1S 3SU
Google Map: goo.gl/maps/DiwM2Nb7n8s

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