Chapman Brothers

Jake and Dinos Chapman are a duo of British artists whose shocking, collaborative projects incorporate plastic or fiberglass models to depict gruesome scenes of Nazi soldiers, McDonald’s characters, skeletons, dinosaurs, and other oddities.

“It is a very sad state of affairs that charities appeal to idiots like us to present the appalling truth of the butchering of endangered species, so that rich people can donate money to hopefully stop the practise. If you are a rich person reading this you are obliged to put your hand into your very deep pockets, not least because governments have failed, but because the poaching of rhinos is mostly due to the fetishtistic idiocy of misguided superstitious people, robbing us, and future generations, of the prehistoric beauty that is the black rhino.”

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The Unmentionable

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Rhino Location: Mount Street / Carlos Place
Junction with Broadwick St pedestrian section near info panel

What3Words: ///offer.early.chew
Postcode: W1J 5RH
Google Map:

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