Adam Dant

A contemporary artist known for his visual narratives realised through elaborate and intricate pen-and-ink drawings, Adam Dant’s pictorial social commentaries are well-researched and studied, and imbued with wit and humour.

“I have recreated a rhino according one of the first depictions of the beast, being Albrecht Durer’s 1515 woodcut print.  Durer based his image on a written description and until the late 18th century his print was considered to be an accurate depiction of a rhino.  I think it is poignant to display the animal in such form, according to how it was first depicted by an artist as a rarity, due to our lack of knowledge of and encounters with the rhino, as opposed to it being depicted as a rarity because we’ve killed them all.”

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A.D.’s Rhino

Image Credit: Hugh Kelly

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Rhino Location: Royal Exchange
Next to Information Pyramid on Jubilee Walkway. Behind Equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington and in front of London Troops War Memorial.

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Postcode: W1F 7RZ
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